Under pressure to find ways to expedite production without sacrificing quality, proactive fabricators have found a way to reduce adhesive cure time. Instead of using contact adhesives, spray adhesives, or white glue, they turn to HMT’s hot melt film adhesive.

The hot melt film adhesive can reduce cure time because it does not contain a liquid ingredient. Those liquids are what cause long cure times, especially in hot, humid climates. By being water-free, HMT’s hot melt film adhesive can be flash-activated when exposed to an even heat source.

When used in combination with HMT’s Advantage laminator equipment, hot melt film adhesive eliminates cure time. Finished, laminated materials exit the laminator equipment with roughly 60%-70% bond strength, ready for immediate fabrication. No wait time! When the laminated material returns to room temperature, bond strength is 100%.

To learn more about reducing cure time in your fabrication process, please contact HMT today. Be sure to ask about our free sample: we will adhere your materials on our equipment, using our adhesive, and ship them to you so you can inspect the bond strength and compare it to what you currently use.

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