Hot melt adhesive film, produced by HMT Manufacturing, is similar to material used in glue guns but arrives in the form of a fabric. This fabric-like material is available in 500′ rolls at any width up to 5′.

HMT’s hot melt adhesive film is dry to the touch and has no backer paper. It is 100% glue. There is no need to peel a liner off before use.

Hot melt adhesive bonds almost instantly after being activated by heat. Because it does not contain water, there is virtually no cure time. Instead of waiting hours or days for adhesive to cure, laminated materials can be cut, drilled, etc immediately.

Hot melt adhesive film is 6-7 mil in raw form. When applied, melted, and compressed, it is 2-3 mil.

Hot melt adhesive film has a longer shelf life than many other adhesives. HMT offers a variety of stock hot melt adhesive films and can also custom engineer a solution for unique challenges upon request. Our hot melt adhesive film has bonded an incredible variety of materials (view our Lamination Gallery to see samples).

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