Custom Adhesives

For more than four decades, businesses have sent us their gluing challenges and HMT has designed, tested, and delivered custom adhesives. HMT has provided strong, safe, dependable adhesive solutions for glossy surfaces, vinyl, unscuffed melamine, and everything featured in our lamination gallery.

We can modify the melt point, tack, viscosity, flow rate, set time, softness/hardness, color, or shear of our adhesive formulations to provide the adhesive performance you require.

If you are struggling to bond materials, give us a call.

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Seeing is believing. Let us run samples of your material through the Advantage Laminating System and send them to you:

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  • FEEL the finished product
  • SEE for yourself why HMT's Advantage Laminating System could be the smartest investment you make

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your material sample being bonded on the Advantage Laminiating System
How to Reduce Adhesive Cost by 30‑50%