Infeed & Outfeed Conveyors
$775-$1,235 price based on laminator size

Enhance your Advantage laminating equipment with a 50" (127 cm) or 62" (157 cm) infeed or outfeed conveyor. These conveyors extend the length of the machine, making it easier to handle full size panels. Your laminating machines can be fitted with additional conveyor sections as needed. Conveyor sections are available in 5' (152 cm) lengths and can be ordered with or without legs.


WIDTH 55" (140 cm) 67" (170 cm) 67" (170 cm)
LENGTH 60" (153 cm) 60" (153 cm) 60" (153 cm)
HEIGHT 34" (87 cm) 34" (87 cm) 34" (87 cm)
WEIGHT 120 lb (55 kg) 136 lb (62 kg) 136 lb (62 kg)

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