Adhesive bonding or gluing is the process of bonding two or more materials with an adhesive or glue. HMT offers a unique hot melt adhesive film that is able to bond virtually any combination of materials including wood, fabric, paper, metal, leather, carpet, foam, vinyl, and more.

Adhesive bonding distributes stress load evenly over the bonded area. The adhesive bonding application process can be automated using HMT’s Advantage Laminating Equipment. The equipment provides even adhesive application. Output is ready for immediate fabrication (no cure time). The hot melt adhesive film uses no water, allowing users to bond delicate materials such as paper.

Have questions about adhesive bonding? Ask us! We are proud to say we can help you bond virtually any combination of materials and welcome new challenges. In fact, we can provide you with a sample of your materials bonded using our adhesive! Learn how.

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