HMT is a manufacturer of adhesive coating equipment, custom adhesive coating solutions, and hot melt film adhesive. Our adhesive coating solutions can help you adhere practically any material to any substrate. And, they do so without using solvents, toxins, or water. The result is even adhesive coating that can increase productivity.

HMT’s adhesive solutions use hot melt adhesive film rather than liquid glues or sprays. The adhesive arrives at your facility in dry, roll format and is fed through laminating equipment with the substrate and laminate material. The laminating equipment melts the adhesive film, creating even and consistent adhesive coating across the substrate with little to no cure time.

See it in action in the following video, or schedule a visit to our Chicago-area facility to see it in person. Alternatively, let us run a sample of your material through our adhesive coating equipment so you can inspect the resulting bond when we ship the sample to you.

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