Adhesive film lamination is a smart alternative to spray contact adhesives and pressure sensitive adhesives. Adhesive film lamination uses a dry hot melt adhesive stored as 500′ rolls of paper-thin film. The film can be held and is not sticky during storage or transit. The adhesive film also has no backer paper (like a pressure sensitive adhesive would have).

Unlike many spray adhesives, HMT’s adhesive film lamination glue is water-free, solvent-free, and toxin-free. It requires a tiny fraction of the cleaning and maintenance of a spray adhesive solution.

Adhesive film lamination uses a short burst of heat to activate the adhesive. HMT’s hot melt adhesive film can bond practically any material. Seeing is believing, so please let us run a sample of your material through our adhesive film lamination equipment. To request a sample, contact us here.

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