When you bond laminates and substrates using traditional glue methods, you expose your organization to slow cure times, uneven adhesive application, toxic fumes, and time consuming, messy cleanup chores. But you can eliminate these headaches and achieve faster fabrication with HMT’s Advantage Laminating System.

HMT’s Advantage Laminating System includes our Advantage hot melt adhesive film and Advantage Laminator equipment. Replacing hot melt glue with hot melt adhesive film gives you:

  • output ready for immediate fabrication (no cure time, no waiting)
  • even adhesive application
  • solvent-free, toxin-free adhesive
  • wipe-down cleaning (no need to fight messy glue in your shop)

Our customers are running as much as 10 times the output with HMT Advantage Laminating System vs. old-school hot melt glue. And they’re doing it at up to 50% lower cost. To learn how our various hot melt adhesives can give you faster fabrication with high quality output, let us run a sample of your materials through our equipment.

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