When you specify HMT’s Advantage adhesive and laminating system, you choose a healthier working environment. Advantage hot melt film adhesives use no solvents, no toxins, no VOC’s. When you work with Advantage hot melt adhesive, you avoid the harmful fumes and airborne particles produced by sprays. And, your workplace will be cleaner (no glue spray on walls, tables, floors, etc).

Other adhesive solutions come with a harmful price. Contact glues can cause health problems when they come in contact with skin, eyes, the mouth, etc. They produce invisible air particles that damage the nervous system, the heart, blood.

By removing the use of an adhesive that contains solvents, toxins, VOC’s, and/or fumes, you are protecting the lives of your employees, your customers, and yourself. Costs are competitive. Quality is exceptional. It’s better for the planet.

To learn more about creating a healthier working environment using HMT Advantage adhesives, please contact us today.

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