Heat activated film adhesive is similar to material used in glue guns but is cast in the form of a fabric. This fabric-like material is available in 500′ rolls at any width up to 65 inches. Heat activated film adhesive is 6-7 mil in raw form. When applied, melted, and compressed, it is 2-3 mil thick.

At room temperature, this heat activated film adhesive is not sticky to the touch. It is liner-less; there is no backer to peel off before use. When fed through our Advantage Laminator equipment, the adhesive is briefly exposed to 350 degree (Fahrenheit) heat which activates the film adhesive. Material is securely and evenly bonded to a substrate, instantly. The finished product is ready for immediate fabrication.

HMT stocks a variety of heat activated film adhesives and can also custom engineer a solution for unique challenges upon request. Our heat activated film adhesive has bonded an incredible variety of materials (view our Lamination Gallery to see samples).

Seeing is believing. Request a sample of your material bonded with our heat activated film adhesive so you can see, touch, and inspect the quality of the Advantage Laminating System.

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