Hot melt coating machines are used to apply adhesive. They typically use glues that are messy and wasteful.

HMT offers an alternative to hot melt coating machines. The Advantage Laminating System uses a preformed hot melt adhesive film that eliminates the need for a coating system. Cure time is eliminated, clean-up is significantly minimized, adhesive is applied evenly across the bond area, and the hot melt adhesive can be applied to a wider range of materials because it contains no water.

Also, while coaters require an hour or so to warm up, our laminating equipment is ready in about ten minutes. That saves 50 minutes of labor time, production time, and corresponding utility costs.

The size of equipment is significantly smaller than many hot melt coating machines. That saves you valuable square footage.

Seeing is believing. We can provide samples of your material bonded on our equipment so you can see, touch, and inspect the quality of the Advantage Laminating System. Request a sample today.

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