HMT Manufacturing is a leading industrial adhesive manufacturer specializing in industrial hot melt adhesive film. For more than four decades, we have innovated high quality adhesives and equipment used worldwide. You might not know our name, but chances are our adhesive is in a product you use.

HMT industrial adhesives allow manufacturers to quickly and consistently bond substrates and laminates. No solvents, no VOC’s, no mess, no cure time. Both the substrate and the laminate can be practically any material (our online Lamination Gallery showcases a diverse array of materials we have bonded successfully).

HMT manufactures industrial adhesive lamination equipment that allow fabricators to produce higher quality output, faster. In addition to our Advantage line of hot melt adhesives and laminating equipment, HMT designs and fabricates custom laminating equipment and custom adhesive solutions. We enjoy solving new adhesive challenges.

If you seek an industrial adhesive manufacturer, please contact us today and tell us about your adhesive challenges. We’re here to serve. We are not a distributor, we are the OEM. Either we have the hot melt solution you need, or we can custom engineer it for you. Ask us your hot melt questions.

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