There are many industrial adhesives on the market today, but most introduce unattractive combinations of labor, speed, quality, toxicity, and productivity. HMT’s Advantage hot melt adhesive tackles all of those issues in a favorable way.

HMT industrial adhesives are hot melt adhesive films with no solvents, no toxins, no VOC’s, and no water. Using our Advantage Laminator equipment, HMT industrial adhesives reduce labor costs while offering faster fabrication, increased productivity, consistent quality output, and a healthier working environment.

Our industrial adhesives are available in several stock formulations for a wide variety of materials including woods, vinyls, fabrics, and just about ANY material. We can also custom formulate industrial adhesive formulas for your specific bonding need. Our staff can test your materials to help determine the right hot melt film adhesive for the best bond. To learn how we can solve your industrial adhesive challenges, please contact us today.

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