HMT Advantage hot melt adhesive film is a tough, high performance, industrial strength adhesive. It can bond practically any material including wood, fabric, paper, metal, leather, carpet, foam, vinyl, and more (see examples here).

Our industrial strength adhesives are highly versatile and exhibit exceptional adhesion qualities. They provide even coverage and a strong, consistent bond. HMT can modify the melt point, tack, viscosity, flow rate, set time, softness/hardness, color, or shear of our adhesive formulations to provide the exact adhesive performance you require.

HMT Advantage hot melt industrial strength adhesives are quick setting. In fact, bonded materials require no cure time and can be used immediately following adhesive application. It is similar to material used in glue guns but is cast in the form of a fabric. This fabric-like material is available in 500′ rolls at any width up to 65 inches.

Seeing is believing. Request a sample of your material bonded with our industrial strength adhesive so you can see, touch, and inspect the quality of HMT Advantage hot melt adhesive film.

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