Most adhesives can not be applied to foam without degrading the foam. HMT’s hot melt film adhesive contains no solvents. Solvents dissolve foam. HMT’s adhesive also contains no water. Water can not wick out when sandwiched between foam and a rigid substrate.

And, our adhesive is applied in a manner where only the adhesive is exposed to heat. The foam material and laminate material are not exposed to heat. The following video demonstrates the process:

Our customers are using our hot melt film adhesive to create:

  • lightweight products
  • insulated products
  • abrasion-resistant products (laminate over foam)
  • children’s furniture
  • slatwall

When our customers switch to HMT, they reduce labor costs, fabricate faster, increase productivity, produce consistent quality output, can bond flexible materials, in a small footprint, a healthier working environment, reduce waste, minimize cleaning, use ordinary single phase electric, enjoy an easy installation, free technical support, while using an adhesive that is better for our planet. No solvents, no toxins, no water.


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