Simply put, panel fabricators produce laminated panels. After the lamination process, these panels are transformed from 4’x8′ (or 5’x12′, 5’x8′, etc) panels of laminated materials into cabinetry, furniture, interior panels, and much more.

Panel fabricators need reliable, consistent, easy tools that enable them to output high volume on a daily basis. HMT’s Advantage Laminating System is the adhesive laminating solution trusted by panel fabricators worldwide. It provides dependable, consistent, even, strong adhesive application and can bond just about anything.

HMT thrives on providing adhesive solutions for any material. First-time visitors to HMT’s facility are surprised when they see samples of the wide range of materials we have successfully bonded using our hot melt adhesive films and laminating equipment (see the samples in our online Lamination Gallery).

If you seek a professional panel fabrication system, contact us today to arrange for a laminating sample of your own. We will run a sample of your material through our equipment so you can see the result in your own hands. Also, you can watch a demonstration of the machine in action below:

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