HMT has served the woodworking industry for decades. Our hot melt adhesive film is the ideal bonding solution for woodworkers who glue many panels on a production basis. Our Advantage adhesive can bond practically anything to MDF, plywood, particleboard, crumb board, etc, with superior bonding performance and consistency.

Over the years, we have formulated custom adhesive solutions to glue the following materials to wood: high pressure laminate, wood veneers, linoleum, leather, vinyl, cork, felt, aluminum foil, textured wall covering, carpet, screen, fabric, metal, hook-and-loop, plastic, sponge, foam, aluminum, rubber, insulation, and much more. Our adhesive is found in furniture, cabinets, displays, offices, doors, acoustical products, and pool tables, to name a few applications.

As the manufacturer of Advantage hot melt adhesive films, and with more than four decades of proven experience, HMT is well suited to develop a custom solution for your woodworking adhesive application.

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