When trying to adhere metal to metal or metal to other materials, you will find that using the right adhesive will make all the difference. Many adhesives are not reliable metal glues, but HMT’s Advantage adhesives can glue various metals to practically any substrate. HMT Advantage is currently used to glue materials and metals in aircraft interiors, recreational vehicles, gaming, tractor trailers, refrigeration, and more.


Metals are traditionally joined using welds, mechanical fastening, pressure sensitive adhesives, urethanes, and hot melt adhesives.

Metals often present special obstacles. They are non-porous and non-permeable, making it difficult to use traditional “wet” glues because the moisture has no avenue of escape, thus never drying. Another obstacle is the smoothness or glossiness of metals. There is very little surface structure for adhesive to mechanically bond to.

HMT has developed hot melt film adhesive that overcomes those obstacles. Using special copolymer additives that allow the adhesive to “wet” out in their molten state, the adhesive is better able to flow into the surface of even polished metals. Other additives are used to increase the open or “wet” time of the adhesive to allow adequate time to laminate the materials together.

Hot melt adhesive film uses no moisture, eliminating the problem of trying to dry wet glues through the non-permeable metals. The hot melt film also requires no curing time allowing the lamination to be used immediately.

If you need a metal glue to bond your metal material to another material, let us know. When we say “we can help you glue anything” we mean it. Our glues adhere most materials, and if our glues won’t work for your material, we can guide you to a solution that will.

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