paperAdhering paper to substrates can be challenging. Most glues bleed through the paper and create wrinkles, cause unwanted shrinkage or expansion, and force the flexible paper to become rigid.

HMT’s Advantage hot melt adhesive film is different. It is similar to material used in glue guns but is cast in the form of a fabric. At room temperature, this fabric-like material is not sticky to the touch. Benefits include:

  • no water / will not be absorbed by paper material
  • no warping, no wrinkles, no bleed-through
  • remains flexible
  • no bubbles, voids, uneven adhesive application
  • ready for immediate secondary operations (no cure time)
  • can bond paper to hard or soft substrates

When using our Advantage Laminator equipment, only the adhesive is briefly exposed to 350 degree (Fahrenheit) heat which activates the film adhesive. Your paper and substrate materials remain at room temperature. This unique system allows lamination of very delicate materials.

Material is securely and evenly bonded to a substrate, instantly. The finished product is ready for immediate fabrication.

Advantage hot melt adhesive adheres to the surface of the paper and the substrate — it doesn’t bleed through the materials but it does provide 100% uniform coverage. No wrinkles, no stains, no water, no shrinking. This adhesive gives laminated materials a “soft hand,” remaining pliable and flexible.

An optional roll stock feed attachment allows continuous feeding of exceptionally long lengths of paper material. The attachment can handle heavy, large rolls of paper. Of course, you also have the option of feeding sheets and panels as well.

The adhesive is solvent free, creating a safer environment for your staff and your customers as well as lower insurance costs. HMT’s Advantage Laminating System is used in fabrication facilities worldwide to adhere practically any material to anything.

Want to see it for yourself? We can run samples of your materials through our equipment, using our film adhesive, and ship them to you so you can see it, touch it, inspect it, and believe it. Request your sample here.

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