Bonding vinyl is a unique challenge. Many glues will impact the integrity of the vinyl. Some require pre-treatment to avoid plasticizer migration. But HMT’s V-bond hot melt adhesive film bonds vinyl without priming. Our blocking technology avoids plasticizer migration and remains flexible.

Accidentally developed in the 1920’s, vinyl is the world’s most versatile plastic and has become the second largest-selling plastic in the world. Vinyl can be formulated rigid or flexible with the addition of selected additives and modifiers. It is the addition of these additives (particularly plasticizers) that can make vinyl difficult to bond to other materials.

Plasticizers are used to make vinyl soft and flexible. These plasticizers cause a phenomenon called “plasticizer migration.” Chemicals (plasticizers) constantly move to the surface of the vinyl. This, in turn, can cause applied adhesives to release, sometimes rapidly (within 24 hours). V-Bond, our hot melt film adhesive, uses special copolymer blocking agents to block this migration and allow the hot melt film adhesive to remain bonded to vinyl.

Seeing is believing. Let us run a sample of your vinyl material through our equipment so you can inspect how V-bond bonds vinyl. To request a sample, contact us here.

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