When people hear “hot melt adhesive” they usually think of glue guns, vats of gooey glue, or spray guns used to adhere laminate to MDF particleboard. But current hot melt technologies are much more advanced. In fact, with HMT’s hot melt technology, HMT can help you glue anything! We have helped our customers bond carpet, sponge, paper, wood, foam, vinyl, screen, felt, and much more.

HMT hot melt technology includes Advantage laminator machines and Advantage hot melt adhesive films. The laminator is a hot melt laminating machine used in industrial applications. Using our Advantage hot melt adhesive, it produces consistent laminated output without solvents, toxins, or water. Panels are produced quickly and can be converted immediately. To put that another way, a newly laminated panel can be cut, screwed, or otherwise assembled into finished product as soon as it comes out of HMT’s Laminator.

If you seek modern hot melt technologies for your fabrication facility, please contact us today to learn more about our capabilities.

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