Our heavy duty laminator machines use hot melt adhesive film to bond a laminate to a substrate. Heavy duty laminators are used in fabrication facilities, woodworking shops, and a wide range of manufacturing operations. (Note: our heavy duty laminators are not the kind that cover paper with clear plastic.)

With a heavy duty laminator from HMT, fabricators can produce higher quality laminated panels, faster, with less cleaning/maintenance than popular manual laminating methods. Benefits include:

  • no solvents
  • no toxins
  • no water
  • reduces labor costs
  • faster fabrication
  • increases productivity
  • consistent quality output
  • small footprint
  • healthier working environment
  • less waste
  • cleaner
  • ordinary single phase electric
  • easy installation
  • free technical support
  • better for our planet

See a heavy duty laminator in action in the following video, or schedule a visit to our Chicago-area facility to see it in person. Alternatively, let us run a sample of your material through our heavy duty laminator equipment so you can inspect the resulting bond when we ship the sample to you.

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