If you use spray glues in your fabrication shop, you may be wasting 20% of your glue budget. Why? Because 20% of your glue ends up on the floor, the walls, and the table. The next time you see that mess, imagine how many dollar bills are sticking to your floor, walls, and table. To make matters worse, imagine the labor cost of cleaning that mess up.

There is a solution. Hot melt adhesive film is clean and promotes a waste-free work flow. By applying only the adhesive you need, you will reduce waste to practically zero. And, you will also enjoy the added benefit of eliminating clean up.

During cleanup, you currently use a significant amount of water and that adds even more to your cost of ownership for a spray adhesive system. You may also incur wastewater disposal fees.

Find out how hot melt adhesive film works. Check out the video below. Better yet, request a sample! HMT Manufacturing is willing to adhere a sample of your material to your substrate using our machinery, and will send that sample to you so you can inspect the bond strength with your own eyes and fingers. Request your sample today.

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