Hot melt adhesive film is a solid, non-shrinking, and non-toxic glue in a solid, thin, fabric-like format. HMT offers hot melt adhesive film in 500-foot rolls cut to any width (up to 5 feet). Our hot melt adhesive film is available in various formulations that help anyone bond anything.

Hot melt adhesive film can be heat activated or pressure sensitive. HMT adhesive films use no water; they can bond paper, wood, and other materials that could be deformed by a water-based adhesive.

Our hot melt adhesive film is used in practically every industry. With more than four decades experience and wide distribution, chances are HMT adhesive film can be found in a product in your building.

Seeing is believing. We can provide samples of your material bonded with our hot melt adhesive film so you can see, touch, and inspect the quality of the Advantage Laminating System. Request a sample today.

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