Hot melt film — similar to the glue used in hot melt glue guns, but in the form of fabric — is placed between a material and a substrate to laminate them into one. HMT offers a variety of hot melt film solutions and can also engineer custom hot melt films for unique challenges upon request.

This fabric-like material is available in 500′ rolls at any width up to 65 inches. Hot melt film is 6-7 mil in raw form. When applied, melted, and compressed, it is 2-3 mil thick.

Our hot melt film bonds almost instantly after being flash-activated by infrared heat. Because it does not contain water, there is virtually no cure time. Instead of waiting hours or days for glue to cure, laminated output can be cut, drilled, etc immediately.

HMT hot melt films are solvent-free, toxin-free, and use no water. They are found in practically every market. With more than four decades experience and wide distribution, chances are HMT adhesive film can be found in a product in your building.

Seeing is believing. Request a sample of your material bonded with our hot melt film so you can see, touch, and inspect the quality of the Advantage Laminating System. Our hot melt film has bonded an incredible variety of materials (view our Lamination Gallery to see samples).

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