Avoid the dangers of contact adhesives — use hot melt film adhesive instead. With hot melt film adhesive from HMT, you:

  • don’t need respirator masks
  • eliminate the need for vapor-proof lighting
  • don’t need exhaust fans
  • get rid of noxious odors
  • do not need a costly, space-consuming spray booth
  • create a healthier work environment
  • reduce lower insurance costs (no VOC’s)

Our hot melt film adhesive does not contain the VOC’s found in solvent-based contact adhesives. And, hot melt film adhesive contains no water, which means output requires no cure time.

Ready to minimize fumes in your shop? Your next step is to evaluate the strength of our adhesive. May we provide you with a free sample? We can run your materials through our laminating machinery, using Advantage hot melt adhesive, and ship it to you so you may inspect the quality with your own eyes and fingers. Or, schedule a visit to our Illinois facility (located between Chicago and Milwaukee).

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