When humidity rises, the bond performance of spray glues and contact adhesives is negatively affected. Those adhesives are hygroscopic, which means they retain moisture. When humidity is high, those adhesives require extended time to cure. Ambient temperature can also impact cure time.

A poor bond may pass a quick inspection but then fail in the field leading to costly recalls, field repairs, and callbacks.

HMT’s Advantage hot melt adhesive film is not hygroscopic and therefore is not impacted by humidity or ambient temperature. Materials bonded using HMT adhesives are ready for immediate use seconds after adhesive is applied. No cure time required. This greatly improves fabrication speed and turnaround time, allowing higher productivity and lower facility costs, even in high humidity.

Seeing your materials bonded using HMT adhesive. We can provide samples of your material bonded with our flexible adhesive film so you can see, touch, and inspect the quality of the Advantage Laminating System. Request a sample today.

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