HMT Advantage adhesives are a key component in office partitions, room dividers, and cubicles. Our adhesive is ideal for this application because it can cleanly and securely bond a diverse assortment of materials. HMT Advantage adhesive bonds fabric, paper, wood, metal, plastic, carpet, felt — practically anything.

The Advantage Laminating System includes hot melt adhesive film and hot melt laminating equipment. The laminating equipment can feed rigid or flexible materials. That makes it ideal for office partition manufacturers who need to apply flexible fabric, felt, or carpet to a solid surface such as MDF, plastic, or metal.

HMT Advantage hot melt adhesive film bonds almost instantly after being activated by heat. Because it contains no water, there is virtually no cure time. Instead of waiting hours or days for adhesive to cure, laminated materials can be cut, drilled, etc immediately.

HMT’s adhesive film is dry to the touch, has no backer paper, and is 100% glue. There is no liner to peel off. Hot melt adhesive film is similar to material used in glue guns but is produced in the form of a fabric. This fabric-like material is available in 500′ rolls at any width up to 65 inches. Industrial adhesive film is 6-7 mil in raw form. When applied, melted, and compressed, it is 2-3 mil thick.

Seeing is believing. We can provide samples of your material bonded with our industrial adhesive film so you can see, touch, and inspect the quality of the Advantage Laminating System. Request a sample today.

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