Fabricators often need to laminate materials and substrates into a single panel. This process, called panel laminating, is significantly improved using HMT’s Advantage Laminating System.

Watch the Advantage Laminating System panel laminating process in this video. Notice that there are no fumes, no mess, and the entire process requires minimal time and space to complete:

After the panel laminating process, panels can be trimmed to size and become cabinetry, furniture, interior panels, etc. Adhesion must be even, strong, reliable. The ideal process eliminates cure time and requires minimal space. HMT’s hot melt adhesive film and laminating equipment does all of that, and more.

HMT thrives on providing adhesive solutions for any material. First-time visitors to HMT’s facility are surprised when they see samples of the wide range of materials we have successfully bonded using our hot melt adhesive films and laminating equipment (see the samples in our online Lamination Gallery).

If you need a professional panel laminating system, contact HMT today. HMT can run a sample of your material through HMT equipment and ship it to you so you can see the result in your own hands.

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