Searching for strong adhesive? Look no further than HMT’s Advantage hot melt film adhesive. Advantage offers similar bond properties as contact glues, without the mess, and with the 13 benefits listed on the side of this page.

At HMT Manufacturing we regularly conduct destructive testing on a variety of laminate surfaces and substrates bonded using Advantage adhesive. In most cases, the bond is stronger than the materials. This picture shows the result of one bond strength test in which HPL was bonded to particleboard, then delaminated. Notice how particleboard is still adhered to the back of the laminate. The adhesive’s strong bond is still intact after the substrate material’s integrity failed.


Delamination tests show Advantage hot melt film adhesive having 125-150 psi plug-pull strength for particleboard bonded to HPL. Bond strength can vary depending on the materials being bonded.

One reason our adhesive is so strong: film adhesive provides a very consistent application. The bond surface receives 100% uniform adhesive coverage. You can’t get that coverage with spray adhesives! Spray adhesives are usually applied too heavily in some areas while others receive little to no coverage. Uneven adhesive coverage is the leading cause of bond failures.

But don’t take our word for it. Let us give you a free sample of your material bonded to your substrate using our Advantage hot melt film adhesive. We will ship it to you so you can inspect it with your own eyes and fingers. Try to delaminate it! See if it meets your needs. To request a free sample, click here.

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