Humidity & Adhesives

When humidity rises, the bond performance of spray glues and contact adhesives is negatively affected. Those adhesives are hygroscopic, which means they retain moisture. When humidity is high, those adhesives require extended time to cure. Ambient temperature can also impact … Continue reading

Market Spotlight: Pool Tables

Ever wonder how pool table felt is secured to wood substrates? HMT’s Advantage hot melt film adhesive is the ideal solution because our adhesive grabs the felt very well but does not bleed through the felt. Bonded output requires zero … Continue reading

Market Spotlight: Markerboard

Markerboard and dry-erase board manufacturers trust HMT’s Advantage hot melt film adhesive to bond melamine, aluminum, and laminate to MDF and other substrates. Our adhesive creates an unbelievably strong bond between whiteboard and substrates such as wood, honeycomb, plastics, metals, … Continue reading

Market Spotlight: Foam & Styrofoam

Most adhesives can not be applied to foam without degrading the foam. HMT’s hot melt film adhesive contains no solvents. Solvents dissolve foam. HMT’s adhesive also contains no water. Water can not wick out when sandwiched between foam and a … Continue reading

Market Spotlight: HVAC

Insulating liners in and around HVAC ducts are constructed using HMT’s Advantage hot melt film adhesive and laminating equipment. For some applications, entire ducts are created by bonding rigid foams to sound dampening materials including fiberglass, foils, films, plastics, and metals. … Continue reading

Market Spotlight: Gaming

The gaming industry uses HMT’s Advantage hot melt film adhesive to bond exterior finishes to cases found on slot machines and similar casino games. The adhesive is lightweight and produces laminated output that is instantly ready for secondary operations such … Continue reading

Market Spotlight: Floor Padding

HMT Manufacturing’s Advantage hot melt film adhesive can improve flooring materials by bonding insulating & sound dampening foams to linoleum, felt to foil, padding to mats, tiles, and vinyl sheet flooring… in fact, it can glue just about anything to … Continue reading

Market Spotlight: Refrigeration

Lightweight HMT adhesives are ideal for use in the refrigeration industry. Refrigerate trucks, walk-in refrigerators, and refrigerated displays bond FRP, aluminum, insulating materials, and liners using the adhesive and laminator equipment in our Advantage Laminating System. When our customers switch … Continue reading

Wood Lamination Machine

HMT Manufacturing designs, builds, sells, services, and supports lamination machines used throughout the woodworking industry. No cure time required — output is ready for immediate fabrication! Our wood lamination machines can be loaded with 500′ rolls of hot melt film … Continue reading

Flexible Adhesive for Fabric

Searching for a flexible adhesive for fabric? HMT’s Advantage hot melt film adhesive and equipment have bonded fabric to many hard and soft materials. No bubbles or voids caused by uneven adhesive application. No sewing. Fabric remains flexible. Laminated fabric … Continue reading