Wood Laminator

Our wood laminator machines use hot melt film adhesive to bond a laminate to a substrate (substrate can be wood or virtually any material). Wood laminators are used in fabrication facilities, woodworking shops, and a wide range of manufacturing operations. … Continue reading

Market Spotlight: Elevator Interiors

Lightweight elevator interior panels are constructed using HMT’s Advantage hot melt film adhesive. Our flexible adhesive bonds fabric, vinyl, paper — virtually any material (see examples in our Lamination Gallery) — allowing easy facelifts for elevator interiors. Because the adhesive … Continue reading

Non-Destructive Glue for Paper Adhesion

Adhering paper to substrates can be challenging. Most glues bleed through the paper and create wrinkles, cause unwanted shrinkage or expansion, and force the flexible paper to become rigid. HMT’s Advantage hot melt adhesive film is different. It is similar … Continue reading

Market Spotlight: Tractor Trailers

HMT’s Advantage hot melt film adhesive is used to construct the interior panels found in tractor trailers, box trucks, catering trucks, delivery vans, and step vans. In refrigerated trucks, vinyl-lined insulating materials and portable walls are laminated using our hot melt … Continue reading

Lamination Machine Woodworking

If your woodworking facility produces laminated materials on an ongoing basis, consider lamination machinery from HMT Manufacturing. We design, build, sell, service, and support lamination machines used throughout the woodworking industry. No cure time required — output is ready for … Continue reading

Market Spotlight: Bulletin Boards

If your bulletin board is cork, fabric, or a whiteboard, chances are it is held together using HMT’s Advantage hot melt film adhesive. Our hot melt adhesive is ideal for this application, regardless of your material. In fact, many manufacturers lower … Continue reading

Lamination Adhesive for Flexible Packaging

Innovative companies are using HMT’s Advantage hot melt film adhesive to create flexible packaging. This flexible packaging consists of paper, fabric, foams, honeycomb, etc. It conforms to the unusual shape of delicate components to provide the ultimate in shipping protection. … Continue reading

Industrial Adhesive Manufacturers

HMT Manufacturing is a leading industrial adhesive manufacturer specializing in industrial hot melt adhesive film. For more than four decades, we have innovated high quality adhesives and equipment used worldwide. You might not know our name, but chances are our … Continue reading

Market Spotlight: Recreational Vehicles and Motor Homes

Our Advantage hot melt film adhesive can be found in most recreational vehicles (RV’s) motor homes, trailers, campers, ambulances, and emergency vehicles throughout America. Hot melt film adhesive is a key component of the furniture, flooring, cabinetry, and insulating materials … Continue reading

Minimize Fumes in the Adhesive Process

Avoid the dangers of contact adhesives — use hot melt film adhesive instead. With hot melt film adhesive from HMT, you: don’t need respirator masks eliminate the need for vapor-proof lighting don’t need exhaust fans get rid of noxious odors … Continue reading